Luxury Home Plans

Welcome to the unique luxury designs of John B Scholz Architect. The photographs you will be viewing are a combination of our Catalog Plans which are available for purchase on this website and a selection of our unique custom home designs. The tours are arranged in descending order from the largest square footage to the smallest square footage home. Additional "informal" photography of other designs is available under our "Candid Snaps" location.

On this luxury home tours page you will see some of the most renowned designs from a leader in the industry, John B. Scholz. No matter your taste, Scholz architecture displays attention to detail and elegant design that can be appreciated by all. Navigate through the tour and see magnificent custom luxury homes exclusively from John B. Scholz Architecture, Inc.

The tour offers luxury home tours and interior home tours of some of the most outstanding houses of all time. The elegant one of a kind homes are award winning and world renowned. Our tours display these houses in a new state of the art manner sure to fascinate all. Please feel free to browse through our world class houses in the tour page here.


All Catalog Designs Available for Purchase

John B. Scholz designs are presented in the plan catalogs by square footage.
Book I - 1,700 sq ft to 5,000 sq ft        Book II - 4,000 sq ft to 15,000 sq ft

Oakbrook Estates 104A
10,441 sqft
Palacio Del Viendo 87A
8,791 sqft
Carillon 87A (Customized)
8,763 sqft
Cape Coral 73A
7,281 sqft
Centuria Series (69A and 49A)
6,900 sqft
Pebble Beach 61B
6,098 sqft
Rancho Antigua 61A
6,062 sqft
Villa Rivera 58A
5,842 sqft
Sierra Palisades 58B
5,799 sqft
Pebble Beach 57A
5,714 sqft
Tuscan Villa 57A
5,662 sqft
Pebble Beach 45A
4,509 sqft
Sierra Palisades 43A
4,275 sqft
Pebble Beach 43A
4,250 sqft
San Lorenzo 40A
4,039 sqft
San Lorenzo 32A
3,200 sqft

Bermuda Stars 29B, 31B, 28A
2750 - 3107 sq. ft.


Scholz Signature Series

Granada 29A
2,870 sqft
St. Croix 28A
2,830 sqft

Scholz Paradise Villas

Malibu 23A
2,280 sqft
Casa Montana 19A
2,200 sqft
Antigua 17A
1,715 sqft

Custom Designs

Updown Court, Windlesham, England
52,000 sqft

Sierra Palisades Supreme
21,000 sqft
The High Desert Chateau
11,300 sq ft
Desert Palace
9,300 sqft