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Generations of award winning home designs have made the Scholz name renowned in the world of luxury home design. Donald J. Scholz, 1946 founder of Scholz Homes, was named by Builder magazine in 2000 as one of the "21st Century's 100 Most Influential Figures in the Residential Building Industry." Recently named by Unique Homes magazine as one of the "35 Most Influential People in Luxury Real Estate" his son, John B Scholz, has followed in his fathers footsteps.

The Scholz name has been recognized for over 60 years for its unique application of architectural treatments that create luxurious functional elegance. These distinctive designs are studied by builders and emulated by designers.


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Updown Court

Updown Court, Surrey, England, 'Most Expensive Home for Sale in the World' - MSNBC
Architectural Design by John B. Scholz Architect


Scottsdale, Arizona

John B. Scholz was destined to be a leader in the home design industry. As the son of Donald J. Scholz, the 1946 founder of the award winning Scholz Homes, his formative teenage years were essentially spent learning every aspect of the home design and building industry from his legendary father.

Donald J. Scholz, named by Builder Magazine in 2000 as one of the 21st century's 100 most influential figures in the residential building industry, was his inspiration. The use of unique treatments of floor-to-ceiling glass, cathedral ceilings and open living spaces became his father's signature of recognition. Scholz Homes became one of the largest and most successful homebuilders in the United States during the 1960's and was famous for the creation of modern comfortable homes with classic appeal and elegance.

Today, John B. Scholz, a luxury home architect for over 40 years, has followed in his father's footsteps specializing in extraordinary luxury home designs in virtually all size ranges. Recently recognized In Unique Homes magazine as "One of the 35 Most Influential People in Luxury Real Estate" John B. Scholz has also become world renowned.

After receiving his architectural degree from the University of Cincinnati, John continued to work for Scholz Homes in various capacities as well as other architectural firms, notably the San Francisco Bay area office of Warren Callister, the pre-eminent interpreter of the California contemporary design movement.

John B. Scholz then went on to establish his own architectural firm which quickly became recognized for its unique and eye-catching designs. His intimate knowledge of the twin fields of architecture and construction afforded him the practical knowledge needed to push the design limits and create one-of-a-kind luxury homes. His artistic background provided him the skills to instill dramatic effects and popular appeal in his designs.

As a practicing architect for over 40 years, John B. Scholz holds multiple state registrations within the United States. These registrations, along with membership in The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards for over 30 years, are credentials that show John B. Scholz and his custom designs are highly respected, both by clientele and within his profession.

The unique style of the Scholz designed homes are displayed in completed projects that span the continental United States, The Middle East, Asia, Eastern & Western Europe, Canada and the Caribbean.

Mark 65

"Mark 65" (1965) Toledo, Ohio

"Our home designs stand the test of time. Which is why we have too."


(1920 2000)

A giant of the housing industry, Donald J. Scholz founded Scholz Homes in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio in 1946. He was named by Builder Magazine in 2000 as one of the 21st century's 100 most influential figures in the residential building industry. Boldly departing from post-WWII uniformity, Scholz homes were distinct and innovative, gaining popularity in upscale American communities throughout the fifties. Don both designed and built these homes and by the 1960's had become one of the largest homebuilders in the United States.

Influenced by modernist architects like Mies Van Der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright, he had a strong appreciation of nature and the extension of indoor to outdoor living. Extensive floor-to-ceiling glass treatments, cathedral ceilings and open living spaces were used to blur the line between the interiors and exteriors of homes. Building in many architectural styles, he quickly became known for his modern interpretations of classical design. This vision resulted in modern, comfortable homes adapting classic appeal and elegance.

As a design innovator Don Scholz was the first to impact the luxury home market with the combination of a manufactured housing system and superior design appeal catering to affluent buyers. At its peak, Scholz Homes produced panelized packages for distribution across the United States from plants in seven different states.

Later in his career, extending his interest in design and the manufacturing process, Scholz became intrigued with the possibilities afforded by the systems approach to modular housing which he believed could produce higher quality housing at a more affordable cost; His efforts in this area garnered an award from the Department of Housing and Urban Development under George Romney.